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Oyi Medical Card

Up to 6 months instalments No upfront payment Start paying at the end of May It's accepted everywhere.


Let's sort out your family's medical needs

Replace granny's wheelchair

You can use your Oyi Card to pay for those special needs that you have been delaying.

Go for a quick checkup

Do you have a pain that's been bothering you? Why not have it checked out before it turns to something else.

Do blood tests

Our card works at all medical practitioners in South Africa. Use if to take blood test, X-Rays, physiotherapy, psychology and many more.

Visit a specialist

Be it a dentist, gynecologist, ENT, physician, pediatrician or optometrist...with our card, you can.

Consult your GP for primary care

Like most of our clients, take your child to the GP for that flue or fever.

Buy chronic medicine

Save yourself time and long queues. Buy your medicine from you local pharmacy.

Easy payments

Your wellbeing is important to us.

We offer options to suit your needs. Our low monthly repayments give your affordable peace of mind to deal with unexpected medical expenses.


Suitable for day to day medical care and to take care of the little ones.

The Monthly fee is R35 at repayments of R250pm.

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Suitable for minor medical procedures and a small family.

The Monthly Fee is R40 at repayments of R350pm.

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Suitable for medium procedures and a family with frequent medical needs.

The Monthly Fee is R45 at repayments of R650pm.

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What clients say About Oyi

Here's what some of our clients say about us.

  • Great product guys! You saved me when my daughter way so sick and luckily I had my Oyi Card to pay for blood tests. I speak about you to all my friends.

  • I'm a domestic worker and for the first time I set foot inside a pharmacy to buy my medicine. I have dignity. Thanks to Oyi.

  • I just could not stand the long queues at the clinic, especially for my elderly mother. I have a Oyi Card and now my whole family goes to a doctor around the corner.